JLT Equine Massage & Saddle Fitting

Who is she?

Joanna Torreyson has been a life long horse lover and has finally made her passion into helping horses and people become a better partnership a reality. Joanna graduated from South Carolina University Aiken program with a 4.0 in saddle fitting and 3.4 in Equine Massage in August 2019 and now is on her journey to help those around her. Here are the places she frequently travels to:

  • Spotsylvania, VA *Fredericksburg,VA *Kents Store, VA, *Mineral, VA * Louisa, VA * Buckingham, VA * Cumberland, VA * Amelia, VA * Keswick, VA * Goochland, VA Richmond, VA

Equine Massage

Equine massage can help horses of any age, discipline, and level of training. Though Chiropractors are absolutely great! It’s important that horses muscles are loosen and not strained. Muscles can and will pull the bone attached to it back out of place which is why it is important to help the muscles first before realigning the bones.

Saddle Fitting

Horses have changed over the years making it where the saddle we used to use from one horse to the next doesn’t mean that it’ll fit like it should. It’s important for the saddle to fit the horse and you. Saddle fit can make a difference in your partnership with your beloved equines.

Get in Touch

JLT Equine Massage & Saddle Fitting
2142 Venable Road Kents Store, VA 23084

(540) 424 -3032

Email: JLT111293@gmail.com

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One thought on “JLT Equine Massage & Saddle Fitting

  1. Reasonably priced for all Equine owners, all breeds, ages, and tack welcomed!

    Equine Massage- $ 65.00
    Saddle Fitting- $85.00
    Combo Pack ( Massage & Saddle fitting)- $ 130.00
    ****** Cash or Check only for payment*****
    ***** for anyone 51 miles or farther will be a travel fee of a $1.50 a mile)

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